Age: N/A
Race: Scarecrow
Class: Wizard

Damage: 1d4
Armor: 0
HP: 16/16
XP: 0/8

STR 8 (-1) DEX: 15 (+1) CON: 12 (+0) INT: 16 (+2) WIS: 13 (+1) CHA: 9 (+0)

Scarecrow StandClose, Two Handed

GearCoins: 0
NameQuantityInd. WeightTotal Weight
Bag of Books(5)111
Healing Potion400
Load: 3/15

Spellbook You have mastered several spells and inscribed them in your spellbook. You start out with three first level spells in your spellbook as well as the cantrips. Whenever you gain a level, you add a new spell of your level or lower to your spellbook. You spellbook is 1 weight.
Prepare Spells When you spend uninterrupted time (an hour or so) in quiet contemplation of your spellbook, you:
•Lose any spells you already have prepared
•Prepare new spells of your choice from your spellbook whose total levels don’t exceed your own level+1.
•Prepare your cantrips which never count against your limit.
Cast a Spell (INT) When you release a spell you’ve prepared, roll+Int. ✴On a 10+, the spell is successfully cast and you do not forget the spell—you may cast it again later. ✴On a 7-9, the spell is cast, but choose one:
•You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM will tell you how.
•The spell disturbs the fabric of reality as it is cast—take -1 ongoing to cast a spell until the next time you Prepare Spells.
•After it is cast, the spell is forgotten. You cannot cast the spell again until you prepare spells.
Note that maintaining spells with ongoing effects will sometimes cause a penalty to your roll to cast a spell.
Spell Defense You may end any ongoing spell immediately and use the energy of its dissipation to deflect an oncoming attack. The spell ends and you subtract its level from the damage done to you.
Ritual When you draw on a place of power to create a magical effect, tell the GM what you’re trying to achieve. Ritual effects are always possible, but the GM will give you one to four of the following conditions:
•It’s going to take days/weeks/months
•First you must ____
•You’ll need help from ____
•It will require a lot of money
•The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited
•You and your allies will risk danger from ____
•You’ll have to disenchant ____ to do it

Light (Cantrip) An item you touch glows with arcane light, about as bright as a torch. It gives off no heat or sound and requires no fuel, but it is otherwise like a mundane torch. You have complete control of the color of the flame. The spell lasts as long as it is in your presence.
Unseen Servant (Cantrip) You conjure a simple invisible construct that can do nothing but carry items. It has Load 3 and carries anything you hand to it. It cannot pick up items on its own and can only carry those you give to it. Items carried by an unseen servant appear to float in the air a few paces behind you. An unseen servant that takes damage or leaves your presence is immediately dispelled, dropping any items it carried.
Prestidigitation (Cantrip) You perform minor tricks of true magic. If you touch an item as part of the casting you can make cosmetic changes to it: clean it, soil it, cool it, warm it, flavor it, or change its color. If you cast the spell without touching an item you can instead create minor illusions no bigger than yourself. Prestidigitation illusions are crude and clearly illusions—they won’t fool anyone, but they might entertain them.
Level 1
Telepathy (Divination) You form a telepathic bond with a single person you touch, enabling you to speak to that person through your thoughts. You can only have one telepathic bond at a time.
Charm Person (Enchantment) The person (not beast or monster) you touch while casting this spell counts you as a friend until they take damage or you prove otherwise.
Magic Missle (Evocation) Projectiles of pure magic spring from your fingers. Deal 2d4 damage to one target.



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